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Monday, February 9, 2015

Drop Box?  The Drop Box  This man has the "do something" mentality!  Oh how I wish there was a way to do this in  The Drop Box

Our children deserve a chance at a great life!  Three of our children were abandoned.  One at 2 years old and two just after their birth.  The oldest abandoned himself because he could not endure the abuse.

Abandonment meant a better life for our and I am thankful to God for bringing them our way.  Adoption is a special gift--Ivie in the previous article gets it!
Madison (6) on her Gotcha Day  (2005)

Malia (12) right before her Gotcha Day (2006)

Whitney (3) just before her Gotcha day (2001)

Konnor (12) on his Gotcha Day (2004)

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