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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Launching a new group tomorrow night, that is called "Ask -It -Basket" for a particular group of international adoptive moms.  My hope is for discussion of different questions, generated by those in attendance, to help others in a faith based forum.  I trust that our group will be judgement free, loving, caring and able to encourage each other on a monthly basis.

Every type of adoption, (domestic, international, foster, family related) is different.  The issues are different and so are the concerns.  This is not to exclude any other adoptive mothers, but is specific to the problems that we face as Chinese Adoptive moms ( and special needs of our children) Hopefully it will encourage others to make a specific group for their needs and branch out to mothers in need.  Every family needs confidentiality, support, and like minded people helping them in their daily lives.  

Blessings,  Sheila

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