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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

just another small excerpt from Chinese Take Out : An Adoption Memoir for this Thanksgiving Season:  (don't know what I would do without Konnor excerpt)

 Konnor (2004)            

 The day that the boys met Konnor was monumental; they both had to decide if he would fit into our family or not.  Kyler was a bit apprehensive when we talked about it prior to the China trip.  He seemed to fear rocking the boat yet one more time, knowing the adjustments we had made for Whitney and our family. 

On a Thursday night, I vividly remember a call from China, when the first few words he said made me know it was Kyler and his final words on the phone were “ We have room in our family for one more!”   Rick was ecstatic and I was moved by the words that had just been spoken from across the Pacific pond.  I knew from then on that Konnor was for our family and would fit in just perfectly.  Visions of a family with two boys and two little Chinese girls were replaced by a scenario of three boys and one little princess! On the same night we decided we would adopt Konnor, I went into panic mode.  Whitney and I drove to the library that next Friday morning and I researched adoption of older children as she carelessly played a Spongebob Squarepants game on the library computer. 

Blessings,  Sheila

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